April 14, 2016

Canadian Tour

OK, Waferinos: Here's the info regarding my upcoming Canadian Tour, for those of you who live in Ontario, BC, or the Pacific NW:

May 13, 7pm: Lecture, U of Waterloo, EV3 lecture hall

May 14, 9:15am: Lecture, U of Waterloo, Basille School, Boardroom #1-23

May 14, 5pm: 1st Canadian Wafer Summit Meeting, location TBA. Please write me at mauricio@morrisberman.com if you are interested in attending.

May 18, 6:30pm: Reading from TMWQ at Banyen Books, 3608 W. 4th Ave., Vancouver

May 17 or 19, 6:30 pm: 2nd Canadian Wafer Summit Meeting (dinner). Please write me at mauricio@morrisberman.com if you are interested, and let me know your preference of date. I'll then decide, based on majority vote, and send you all the date and venue.

Fun guaranteed, amigos-


March 30, 2016



See you all in NY. Meanwhile, this is pretty neat:


Why not bake them in casserole dishes?


March 14, 2016

Interview with Derrick Jensen


March 01, 2016

The Man Without Qualities

OK,gang;here 'tis:


Amazon has yet to post the endorsements, but I figured you all would want to know that my new novel is finally available. A few things I should add:

As in the case of my Japan book, the "launching" of this one will again be at the Bluestockings Bookstore, 172 Allen St., NYC (Lower East Side), on April 4 at 7 p.m. Would love to see you all there again, perhaps go out for pizza at Rosario's after we're done, as we did last September. My publisher is also trying to get me a gig in Brooklyn during the time I'm in NY (April 3-6), but so far no fish on the line. (Stay tuned.) In addition, having a 3rd NY Wafer Summit Meeting (i.e., lunch) is still a possibility for one of those days, if we can rustle up enough interested Waferinos. I know some of you have written me about this, but do me a favor: if you are an active participant on this blog, and you would like this to happen, send me a message at mauricio@morrisberman.com indicating this, and also giving me your blog handle. If it's a go, I shall get back to you with time and place. And in any case, I hope to see you at Bluestockings and/or Brooklyn, if that gets worked out.

Thanks again for your support-


February 19, 2016

Interview with the Guadalajara Geopolitics Institute


January 30, 2016


Dear Wafers,

Probably time to start another thread. The publishing biz continues to limp along. The Man Without Qualities, my new novel, is tentatively scheduled for release on Feb. 15, but in my experience these things can drag on longer than expected. Nevertheless, the publisher is keen on getting it out, so fingers crossed for meeting the deadline. They are also trying to find a venue for a reading--I'll be in NY April 2-7--and I'll let you all know how that turns out. ("The Berm Returns to NY! Crowds Go Insane (Again)!") Just want to add that if there are enough of you guys in or near NY who want to arrange for a 3rd NY Wafer Summit Meeting, I'm game. Just write me at mauricio@morrisberman.com, expressing your interest, and if we can manage to get 7 people together, I'll write you back with time and place.

SSIG is scheduled for republication, but (different publisher) several snags have been holding it up. Not good. But sooner or later, it'll be back on the shelves, hopefully before summer. Then, I'll turn my attention to getting Counting Blessings reissued as well.

So that's the news from Lake Wobegone, though I should add that I've been doing classes in yoga and pilates, going to the gym, and playing tennis, and am now ready to take on 3 Israeli commandos with my bare hands. Although I'd prefer to use them to wring Hillary's neck. Jesus, we're facing 8 years of pure douchebaggery, a face so grotesque only a mother could love it. I keep wondering if she sprays it each morning with polyurethane.

So onward, Dear Wafers, toward the 10th anniversary of the greatest blog in the history of the world!